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Research Assistant wanted for Urban Hyaena Project

We are currently seeking a voluntary Research Assistant for our Urban Hyaena Research Project based in Malawi.

If you are interested download the information pack and the application form and send your application to

Updated 03/11/2014

Serval collars go on!

The LWT and WDCM team successfully collared both servals ready for release in KNP next week. Both animals were trapped early in the morning and moved to the vet clinic at LWC for collaring. Once sedated the LWT vets gave them a full health check and both collars were tested and then fitted. The event was a success and both animals recovered and were back on form by the afternoon, ready for their pending release. Keep an eye on the website for regular project updates to see how they get on in KNP.

updated 6/6/2014

Hyaena pups galore!

Fantastic news from the den as our array of camera traps reveals two pups at the den. Over time we will attempt to habituate the hyaenas so that we can track and observe them and put collars on to assess spatial behaviour and ranging patterns.

updated 26/5/2014

We find our first hyaena den

Thanks to the hard work of Rob (WDCM research assistant) and volunteer Kathryn and DNPW tracking scouts we have finally been able to locate our first hyaena den. This will allow us to set camera traps and get fantastic ID shots of the hyaenas to add to the photographic survey.

updated 22/5/2014

Badgers on film!

Our camera traps are kicking up a storm, with honey badgers recorded!

Plus we have now seen them in the flesh on spotlighting transects also! Fantastic work!

updated 10/5/2014


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