Urban Hyaena Research Project

Believe it or not, the capital city of Malawi (Lilongwe) has a healthy population of urban spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta).

The WDCM Urban Hyaena Research Project aims to assess the behavioural ecology of the urban population (including spatial behaviour and diet) to inform human-wildlife conflict management.


Hyaenas are often maligned and suffer from a lack of understanding through a history of negative myths and legends. This is often compounded when hyaenas come into close contact with humans such as in Lilongwe, where they are often feared. We aim to raise awareness of the hyaena to dispel myths and misunderstandings and use field research (GPS tracking and behavioural research) to quantify spatial and foraging behaviour to inform human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Lilongwe.


We are currently monitoring two clans in the city and are fitting radio collars to track their movements and inform mitigation. If you live in Lilongwe you can help us by reporting any hyaena sightings to us. Simply download and complete our sightings form here and email it to us at urbanhyaena@wilddogconservationmalawi.org.

For more information about the Urban Hyaena project download our project leaflet here.

We are currently seeking field assistants for this project. See our volunteer page for more information.


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