We offer the opportunity for people with a passion for wildlife and wildlife research to volunteer their time to assist us in achieving our aims. We need as much help as we can get to make a difference for wild dogs and their habitats in Africa, we are a small team with a big task ahead. In return it is our hope that volunteers will enjoy volunteering with us, meet like-minded people and develop some new skills.



Unique experience in the remote Kasungu National Park

Volunteers will be based at the WDCM research camp in Kasungu National Park. We are located at Lifupa Lodge campsite, on the banks of the Lifupa Dam. Camp is rustic but very comfortable with canvas safari tents, equipped with beds, mattresses, linen, and generator power. Showers and toilets are located nearby. Volunteers share a large tent which can sleep up to 4 people, or smaller private tents may be available on request. Based in Kasungu National Park with so much to see and do you won't be disappointed.


What you will be doing

We conduct a variety of research projects giving you the opportunity to gain a diverse range of skills. We conduct research on all carnivores and their prey and have ongoing projects including: a spotted hyaena behavioural ecology project and the urban hyaena research project. Volunteers are an important part of WDCM and we hope to give everyone a fun and rewarding experience. Whatever your background, there is plenty you can contribute with a range of activities to match your interests and abilities. Our volunteers undertake a range of carnivore surveying and monitoring activities, as well as community education and awareness activities.

There are 9 key areas of work volunteers undertake:

1. Camera trapping for carnivores (setting and checking traps, processing pictures and identifying animals) 2. Acoustic call in surveys to census carnivores 3. Spoor tracking surveys (for carnivores) 4. Large mammal transect surveys (to assess prey abundance and distribution) 5. Spotlighting surveys (for carnivores) 6. Radio tracking (at certain times when collars are on hyaena) 7. Vegetation surveys and habitat mapping 8. Community questionnaire surveys 9. Various lab based activities including: GIS mapping, data entry.


How to apply

If you are interested download the information pack and the application form and send your application to volunteer@wilddogconservationmalawi.org

Contact us at volunteer@wilddogconservationmalawi.org if you have any questions.


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How you can help

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